Exploring Packer Lake, CA With Lindsey Felsch

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Not a ripple in the water, the crips cold air burns your lungs as you inhale and a cloud of warm air emerges into the 30 degree air as you exhale. The sun starts to peek over the breathtaking Sierra Buttes and begins to create a glow over little Packer Lake. Although, a little bit chilly the stillness of the lake, the echo of the birds and sounds of the forest warmed me inside and put a smile on my face as this indeed was a paddling adventure!

Booties, jacket, pants, gloves and all we set our boards in the water at around 7:00 AM. With not a soul (other than our crew) in sight, no cell phone reception, NOTHING, it was truly amazing to enjoy nature to it’s fullest capacity. Living in a world where you’re on a time schedule and you are a slave to your phone, email and social media it is always nice to “get away.” 

Packer Lake is truly a hidden gem and during this time of year it was amazing to see it sleep. Camping there as a littler girl I remember seeing every camp site jam packed, all the kids were jumping off the pier into the water, playing king of the Kayak rocking it back and forth seeing who could fall off first. Now, in early November little Packer Lake sleeps quietly. As I got on my board and paddled my first stroke I was in shock how calm the lake was. No breeze, no boats, no other paddlers, just me. With the stillness of the lake you could see the reflection of the Buttes in the water, the clouds in the sky and the pine trees surrounding the shore line. I took my time paddling, one because I didn’t want to fall and two because I wanted to take it all in. It’s rare to be in a desolate spot as beautiful as this. 

Summer or Fall, Packer Lake is a beautiful place to adventure to and or to paddle on. The scenery is breathtaking not to mention it’s so close to home! I will go back, as this little lake has a fond place in my heart.

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