Fishing Meets Standup Paddle Boarding at Vero Beach, Florida

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We have all kinds of options for Sup Fishing down here in Vero Beach, Florida. River, Lagoon and Ocean, fishing for Reds, Snook, Tarpon, Flounder, Jacks and so on.  A lot of guys and gals I know are into kayak fishing and that’s cool but I just never felt comfortable in the sitting position.  I tried it a couple times but I felt like I was sitting at desk all day and my legs and hips got super tight and cramped. It just doesn’t feel like a healthy position to be in.  Not what I consider fun!  Also, the visibility from sitting so low to the water is terrible.  
I have tried fishing off a standup paddle board too but I couldn’t bring any gear along and it wasn’t stable enough to really get into it while standing up. So I again was forced to sit on the board.  Enter the Fish Stalker! When I first got it and was ready to get it rigged, I was blown away by how many options I had for where I wanted to customize my set up.  All the connection points and Ram mount attachment points make it a lot of fun to figure out what works best for me. 

My first outing was off the beach with a little bit of wind and some wave action. Just with the first few strokes, I could tell the Stalker was also going to be a lot of fun to paddle. It’s super stable so the few waves I paddled through were no problem and it just popped right over them. Getting out to my spot was also easy. Because of the pontoon design, the Stalker paddles very efficiently. I like hitting the shallows on the outer reef and did some trolling along the way. With so much deck space I could cast off all sides of the board and move around very easily. I decided to push the limits and paddle for a wave coming back to the beach. Definitely not a surf board but the Stalker was easy to control and cruised right back in.

I met up with family afterwards on the beach and the kids loved playing on the board too. Its like a giant romper room for them!
-Tim Capra




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