Children and Paddle Boarding, Is It Worth It? With Nicole Capra

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Is it worth it? with Nicole Capra

by Ronnie Ayres | August 18, 2016

Is it worth it?

Sometimes, as we are loading up and trying to get everything ready for the family to go paddle boarding, I question whether this is worth it. It can get pretty chaotic trying to get three little girls packed and ready to go anywhere. Let alone paddle boarding. We need to make sure that we have plenty of snacks, plenty of water and plenty of sunscreen. My kids would eat every single solitary meal on the move if they could. By the time we have all of the PFDs, the coolers the kids, the boards, the leashes, the towels and a change of dry clothes; you would think that we were leaving for a weeks vacation. When in fact, we're just going paddle boarding for a few hours. By now the girls are pretty amped up and are constantly asking that age old question, "Are we there yet?”

When we finally do arrive at our destination and unload all of our gear, I realize real quick that yes, it is worth it! I love being able to raise my children on the water. I love seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes every time we go out on an adventure. I love that they have such a great respect for nature. I love that they have an eagerness to learn about the waterways, the animals, and the plants. They learn more here about all of those things than they could in a book, or better yet a television show.

My older two girls consistently play this fun little game of hopping from board to board. It's way more fun for them if we have a big group of people out paddle boarding with us. About every 20 minutes they're swapping boards and paddling with someone new. Kai, who is 8, is definitely in need of her own board now. She's just started riding her own Tahoe SUP Grom board and is becoming a very skilled paddler! She's watched us for long enough and listened to our teachings so she has it down pat! It really makes me proud. Marleigh is more of the adventure seeker now. She's the one doing cannonballs off the side of the board or holding onto the leash plug so that we can drag her behind us. Fin, our youngest, she's just along for the ride. Usually about halfway through the trip, she falls fast asleep. There's this bliss that settles in for Tim and I when we are out on the water with our girls. How lucky are we to live this life. To have access to such amazing waterways is a blessing. To be able to paddle as a family... A gift. 


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