Summer Solstice Sunset Standup Paddle Board Yoga with Nicole Capra

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Summer Solstice Sunset SUP Yoga with Nicole Capra

by Ronnie Ayres | June 27, 2016

You never know until you go! Magic on the water in Vero Beach.

Yoga has a way of making you want to give it away. Share it with the masses. When your yoga studio is a floating studio it's even better! In celebration of the summer solstice, longer days and shorter nights... I held a sunset floating yoga class. There was something magical about it. Let's just start with the fact that it was the maiden voyage of my new Tahoe SUP YoFit inflatable yoga board! A smooth, clean, fun ride. I was also testing out the Tahoe deluxe adjustable paddle. It's the lightest adjustable I've ever laid my hands on.

So the class is off to a great start! The energy is infectious and the setting is divine. We're all rocking the sun salutations while standing in setting sun. There's lots of laughter as we move in and out of warrior poses and the ladies come close to falling overboard. The sensation of the board rocking under your foundation and the sun and wind on your skin, mixed with the sounds of nature create the perfect connection to the universe. It's easy out there to stay calm, to breath, to be at peace.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, a pod of dolphins decides to join in the fun. We pause our practice to watch the show. Breathtaking! To know that you can be out on the water, being one with your surroundings, not leaving a footprint behind, brings a little ball of happiness to my heart.

Mother Nature wasn't done yet. We finished practice with the best pose you can do on the water, Savasana, or corpse pose. There's no better way to enjoy a floating yoga class! Paddling back to the dock, the sky was on fire. Simply stunning. The calm waters and the colorful clouds bid us farewell as we all parted ways. But we're all connected now.... I don't think any of us will forget that night.


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