SUP Yoga Offers a Deep Connection to the Outdoors with Courtney Bruce

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Ronnie Ayres | September 06, 2016

SUP Yoga Offers a Deep Connection to the Outdoors with Courtney Bruce

Experiences shape who we are! They can take the form of challenges or adventures or can be the complete opposite… calming and liberating. Paddling Rockwood Conservation area in Southern Ontario is all of these things. The challenge at Rockwood comes in the form of ‘rocks’ under the water so you must paddle carefully but it is also becomes the perfect place to practice yoga in the nooks and crannies of the rocks and waterfalls.

Rockwood is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only is it popular for filming movies and commercials… The Barrens (2012), Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (2010) and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), but the calm waters and beautiful scenery make you feel like you are much further north than the one hour drive from Toronto. This summer the water level is a little higher than last year which gives the paddleboard fins a little more room to breathe but you must be aware of what’s beneath the surface.

I love my YoFit inflatable board for this type of environment because it removes the fear of damage to the board. After a short paddle down the lake and around the fishing lines I settled in by the falls and was able to enjoy a relaxing yoga class with the zen-like waterfall as the backdrop and music. Mindfulness occurs naturally when surrounded by nature and it was easy to be present in that moment. I encourage you to get out on your SUP to explore and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Nothing supports the heart and mind like the tranquility and beauty of nature

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