Touring Quebec's Wallingford-Back Mine with Rachelle Price

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by Ronnie Ayres | July 22, 2016

Touring Quebec's Wallingford-Back Mine with Rachelle Price

A sub-terra SUP adventure

Scrolling through my Facebook one morning I came to a photograph of my aunt Lucie on a SUP board in this majestic cave surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water. I was in complete awe of this so I quickly contacted her to find out more. Thinking she’d say she was in Jordan or Oman on one of her many world adventures. She said she was at the Wallingford-Back Mine, just North of Ottawa in the Province of Quebec. Filled with stoke we planned for her to take my Father and I on the Canada Day long weekend.

Locked and loaded with lunch, supplies and our paddle boards, we headed off to the mine. A little hike down to the entrance of the mine, about 1.5km, was necessary since we didnt have a 4x4 vehicle. After a quick picnic we could hardly wait to see what all the hype was about! The mouth of the mine is impossible to miss. Abandoned for many decades now, the mine is made up Feldspath, Mica and mostly Quartz. One at a time we got onto our boards and away we went! The view was out of this world!! I was in this huge grotto with beams of light shining through and reflecting onto this crystal clear turquoise water, about 50ft deep. If the weather was warmer that day I probably would have gone for a swim but be prepared for some chilly water!

This excursion wouldn’t have been the same experience if we didn’t have our SUP boards! Yeah sure you can hike around the mine but getting into its soul brought it to a whole different level and amazing perspective. This day was truly amazing and unforgettable!

Helpful suggestions:

  • Coordinates: 45.724635,-75.442823
  • Wear good hiking boots or shoes with good grip. Very slippery and loose rocks are everywhere!
  • No washrooms
  • Bring a garbage bag or two and do your part to keep this gem clean
  • No Cell Phone reception

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