Dirty Dining an Adventurer's Cookbook


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"I'm A Passionate Traveler and cookbook collector and Lisa has nailed it: this is one of the best cookbooks I'Ve seen in Ages- I suspect this book will soon become one of the "Must Haves" for any overlander's library."

Roseann Hanson, Founder and Owner, Overland Expo


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From comfort food and exotic dishes to sweet and gooey guilty desserts, adventurers and armchair travelers alike will appreciate each recipe’s simplicity and ease of preparation, along with the photographs and the tales of adventure that accompanies each one. This book is worthy of display on your coffee table, but you may find yourself popping a copy in your backpack or bike bag to make your next adventure taste better.

From the Author

"The recipes in this book are for your journeys out in the boonies where fresh produce is scarce to non-existent. You maybe cooking high up in the Altiplano, or in the desert at 122°, or you’ve just been struggling through sodden tundra fighting elephant sized mosquito's. Maybe you are just too plain broke and tired to engage your imagination and work out what the hell to do with that tin of tuna and other basic items that you have with you. Whatever the reason, thanks for purchaing a copy of Dirty Dining, I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did writing it. All the best and enjoy your meal." Lisa Thomas

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