Seawag Universal Waterproof Phone Case


Brand: Seawag

Model:   Universal Waterproof Phone Case

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By buying your SEAWAG, you will save your phone from its next jump into the water, or next exposure to the sand, dust, snow and more! Yes, our waterproof cases are fully waterproof, and tested in water depth of 25 meters / 80 feet! So your phone is now protected, wherever you go! Touchscreen remains perfectly accessible when the device is in your SEAWAG, and so you'll be able to use all functions and make calls as you would usually do. But guess what else?! Take it underwater, and make incredible photos & videos!!!

Perfect For
  • Fully waterproof, Take your phone anywhere, even underwater.
  • Snow proof
  • Dust proof / Sand proof. Protect your device from all elements.
  • Keep making phone calls. Make your phone calls as usual trough the case
  • Touch screen capabilities; use all functions and applications of your phone.
  • Photos / videos underwater make incredible photos and videos underwater.
  • IPX8 Tested to 25m/80ft
Weight (lbs)
Part Waterproof Case
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days

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