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Built on the modular GearPods Connect system, GearPods Backcountry provides three critical capabilities in the form of two individual kits: a comprehensive first aid kit (GearPods Health) and a set of survival tools with a self-contained cooking system (GearPods Survival Pro).

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Heading far out? Wondering how much you can leave behind but still feel prepared and safe? There is no reason to trade off distance for peace of mind with GearPods Backcountry, a lightweight and compact adventure system that offers extensive capabilities without in any way compromising your mobility. For pound-for-pound capabilities, GearPods Backcountry is off the charts. GearPods Health provides a compact yet comprehensive first aid kit for treating common outdoor ailments and injuries. GearPods Survival Pro offers a range of survival tools to help you stay hydrated, build a fire and shelter, signal for help, repair gear, fish and navigate out of an unfamiliar situation. These survival tools are economically packed inside a GearPods CookMug that, when combined with the GearPods Stove and solid fuel tablets (two tablets are included), provides a complete system for boiling water and cooking. GearPods Backcountry is an integrated kit system that is compact, waterproof, durable, and very capable. And since GearPods fit anywhere most sports bottles fit, it is easy to pack and keep accessible. GearPods Backcountry - grab and go peace of mind for your next adventure.

Type First aid, Survival tool , Stove, Water resistant
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year- Direct to Manufacturer

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