Tahoe SUP

Since 2008, Tahoe SUP, led by founder Nate Brouwer, has inspired a generation of paddlers with innovative designs and materials, to seek adventure, serenity, personal achievement and a deeper connection with NATURE.

Driven by the desire to EXPLORE the further reaches of his home in Lake Tahoe, Brouwer quickly realized he would need to introduce a new shape rather than the traditional surfing styles on the market. A board that could carry extra gear, his dog Stella, and allow for a more efficient glide.

 Today, Lake Tahoe is the flatwater mecca for stand up paddling and remains our testing grounds and the inspiration for everything we do at Tahoe SUP. Our boards complement state of the art technology with timeless craftsmanship, bringing new pleasure to the time spent on the water.

Our 2015 board designs and materials continue our tradition of innovation , dedication to quality and commitment to enhancing the sport of Standup Paddling. Experience the Tahoe legend wherever you are in the World as Tahoe SUP continues to inspire a new breed of adventurer.

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