BT Cycle Stanch Clamp

The Stanch Clamp Provide a military grade tested solution for upper stanchion crimping and separation.

The Stanch Clamp is an ultra-light, ultra strong, reinforcement kit, designed to prevent upper stanchion (fork) separation.

The Stanch Clamp was designed to increased rider safety after BMW's official upper fork weakness and global recall announcement.

Stanch Clamps (patent pending) are suitable for BMW GS 1200GS & 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle models, manufactured 2012 onward.

  • Designed and produced in the USA
  • Manufactured to Aerospace Spec
  • Aircraft grade materials used
  • Tested by some of the most hard-core GS riders around the world, in extreme conditions
  • Can be installed at home in under 30 minutes
  • No special tools required
  • Can be removed for fork inspection
  • Does not void motorcycle warranty
  • Endorsed by ADV GS Legends Simon & Lisa Thomas of "2 Ride The World"

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Brand: BT Cycle

Model: Stanch Clamp

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In mid 2017 BMW Motorrad officially announced a production flaw with the fork stanchions on all R1200GS motorcycles, which, they believe, if not "immediately reinforced", could lead to catastrophic fork failure. Riders around the world in both extreme and everyday road riding situations have reported fork failures.

The now recognised weakness affects all motorcycles sold worldwide between October 2013 and July 2017, which means a staggering 250,000 riders and their bikes could be at risk. BMW are slowly making a "dealer installed" solution available.

The “Stanch Clamp” Collar Kit is an upper fork pre-separation reinforcement product, designed, engineered, developed, and produced by BT Cycle to address the BMW, officially recognised, upper stanchion (forks) separation and crimping issues in the BMW GS 1200 motorcycles.

The Stanch Clamp performs while maintaining full-fork travel (or mobility). The Stanch Clamp is a simple solution available immediately, which can be fitted in less than 30 minutes without the need for special tools. The Stanch Clamp increases the mass and strength of the upper forks on the BMW R1200GS (2013 and newer, water-cooled), where a weakness exists.

Months of Aerospace lab testing, in parallel with extreme real world pressure testing have been carried out. The Stanch Clamp has been tested by some of the most demanding GS riders around the world, including members of the official BMW GS Trophy team. The Stanch Clamp has performed flawlessly and to date, has a 100% safety record.

BT Cycle's "Stanch Clamp" has been put through military grade testing, and also proven its capabilities out in the field.


Thermal shock

  • -55 C to 100 C
  • 10 cycles
  • 60 minute dwells (increments of time) or shifts

Mechanical shock

  • 500 g force
  • 100 times
  • Every 2 milliseconds
  • 30 second rests

3D X-ray

  • Images
  • Video
  • Post-test assessment – proven performance

Proven rugged performance for harsh, extreme, and tough environments through military grade testing.

The Stanch Clamp is not a repair product. If your 2013+ R1200GS has upper forks with more than the BMW recommend 2mm of fork separation, it is strongly advised that you contact your dealer, who will replace your fork as part of the BMW recall and service program.

Unlike the BMW press on fork fix, the Stanch Clamp is designed to be removable to allow for regular inspection, providing peace of mind and ease of maintenance.

The Stanch Clamp: An "arrive alive" solution. Don’t ride without it!

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