RAM 1" Tough-Ball with M8-1.25 X 8MM Male Threaded Post

RAM 1" Tough-Ball™ Base with 1/4-20 X .25" Male Threaded Post

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Brand: RAM Mount

Model: RAP-B-379U-M81208

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$9.49 USD

SKU: 000-8006-379-001-9

The RAP-B-379U-M81208 consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball, connected to a 1/4"-20 X .25" male threaded post. The male thread matches most standard camera and camcorder female threads found on the bottom of the camera. U.S. Standard Thread Diameter and Pitch Option:1/4"-20 X .25"

Ball Size B size - 1" diameter
Dimensions M8-1.25 X 8MM
Material High Strength Composite and Steel
Compatibility Fish Stalker or Products with M8 thread pattern
Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturer Direct - 90 Days

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